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Chef's Corner

What makes RI restaurants so special is the leadership and creativity of their teams. Hear from the chefs and proprietors from our participating restaurants about the importance of giving back to their communities.

Chef Kevin

Giusto Newport

I first fell in love with cooking for people because it makes people happy, brings people together, and is a great way to escape both for the person cooking and for the person experiencing and eating the food. Cooking is a way for us to express how we feel, what we like, who we are as a restaurant unit. It's not just about me or any one of us individually; the whole chef team works together to write menus and cook the food. Everyone in the kitchen works collaboratively to express themselves and cook from the heart. At the end of the day we are cooking for our community and not for ourselves. If the community and our guests are coming in and feeling the love that we’re putting into the food, then the community can really get behind the restaurant and believe in and appreciate what we’re doing. Our chef team is really excited to participate in PWP, putting just as much time, energy, creativity and love into these meals as if they were plating dishes for guests sitting down to eat with us at the restaurant.



Chef Phil, and owners Mike and son Brendan

Atrium on Main

I come from a large family so I have always been taught to help others and I have brought that mindset into this business.


We are also confident in the taste and quality of our food at Atrium on Main, that we want to share that with as many people as we can even if that means bringing it to them. 

Chefs Dean & Julie

SoCo Vedge

Food is life  - It brings happiness, nourishment, togetherness and joy.


We love to provide healthy and delicious food that not only helps solve the struggles of daily life, but also great memories and an opportunity to learn about other cultures. 


Chef Angie


Growing up, I never wanted to be anything but a chef! It was my passion, my relaxation, and absolutely my calling as  I grew up and followed my dream. I love what I do, and I love having the opportunity to give back through food.

Meals connect people and provide them with not only sustenance, but comfort and care. Giving back to the community is something the Blackie’s family has always considered high on our list of priorities. We are so grateful to have such a fantastic outlet to do so.


Chef Angelica

Gel's Kitchen

When I bought my business in 2011, there wasn't much coming in - we brought in an average of $50 a day. But it had been a dream of mine to own my own diner and, as scared and overworked as I was, I poured everything I had into keeping that dream alive. 


I love what I have created. I love my community. I love the loyalty of my customers. I love what I do, and I will continue to find ways to do what I can, when I can, to give back to the community that has been such an important part of my journey - and who has been there for me during the best and worst of times. It's because of my business that I was able to meet different people who helped to get me involved and find ways to give back in any way I could, even if it was just donating my time. 


Chef Dave


For me, cooking is a way of life. Food is a love language. I grew up in the restaurant industry and have always been surrounded by my family, friends and coworkers, who then become your family. Feeding people the best quality food is something I've always been passionate about and when I have free time, one of my favorite things to do is go out and enjoy a great meal with loved ones at other locally owned businesses throughout Rhode Island. Community involvement has been, and always will be, crucial to the success of Iggy's brand. Many years ago, when we first opened Iggy's, it was the Oakland Beach community who was so supportive of our small, family owned business. For that we will be forever grateful and indebted to them. It is with great pleasure to have the opportunity to serve and give back to this amazing community that has always been so good to myself and my family.


Chef Andrea

Thirsty Beaver (Cranston)

It has been a challenge to navigate around new protocols and make sure the teams are staying as safe as possible. This has become second nature and we are excited each day to provide great food to the community. We find that business changes on a weekly basis, but it has not stopped us from putting our best foot forward. We will continue to work with the local Department of Health to follow rules and regulations and keep providing a fun experience for our guests.

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