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A message from our founders

Reflecting on the journey we have been on since December 2020, we knew when we set our intentions and goals for 2024 that we would have to work hard to meet them. That work has been met by an inspired - and inspiring - force that is made up of hundreds of individual donors, small business owners, and like-minded organizations. So many have answered our call to help raise greater awareness around the persistence of food insecurity in Rhode Island, and partner with us to enrich lives and assist our underserved neighbors. 


We can't do what we do without you doing what you do. As we set out on a new year, we do it with the same focus and convictions that have guided our work so far. We hope you will stay with us on our journey that will be filled with Purpose & Love


We believe…​

  • we can provide aid to restaurants who continue to face challenges even with the pandemic behind them. 

  • we can utilize those restaurants to help members of their community experiencing food insecurity.

  • those restaurants can, and should, be a permanent part of the solution to their communities.

  • we can bring dignity to a stigmatized social and economic issue. 

  • in the kindness and compassion of Rhode Islanders who can contribute meaningfully to our work.

  • we can inspire a movement across RI that brings together different groups who are focused on eliminating the root causes of hunger in our state.

  • we will be part of the solution. One community at a time. 

With Purpose & Love,

Jenn Capracotta and Jen Fantozzi

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