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Ways to Give

Every act of kindness and compassion makes a difference. No matter how big or small, your support allows us to work through local, independently-owned restaurants to deliver fresh, nourishing and balanced meals to our neighbors who need your help.


bouquets & bubbly

Create a hand-crafted festive floral arrangement), and play an important role in helping tens of thousands who experience food insecurity in Rhode Island.

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Help fill the gap widened by the de-funding of the Universal Free Lunch Program that has left too many children without access to meals that were available to them during the pandemic.

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operation dine-out

Spread cheer and send the children served by St. Mary's Home for Children out for dinner. Being able to go out to eat is a real treat -- help us rally around our state's most vulnerable youth


raise awareness

With a gift of $100 or more, a copy of Saturday at the Food Pantry will be donated to the local school or public library of your choice. Plus you'll secure 10 meals to neighbors who need a little help.

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become a sponsor

Your sponsorship allows us to provide meals to our most vulnerable populations and  encourages, supports and reinvigorates the independent restaurants that have been handicapped since the onset of the pandemic.

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The donation of time and expertise is just as valuable as a monetary donation. Consider joining us on our journey and help us be the change our state needs.