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Congratulations to Ariana D. from Nayatt Elementary in Barrington! She authored the winning essay about Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson book series. Her imagination took us through scenarios of great conversation and exploration – which earned her a perfect score across our panel of four judges.
As a way to keep the spirit of National Reading Month going, Ariana will receive a $50 gift card to Barnes & Noble. And because we are focused on tackling food insecurity in RI, we are honored to set up of a food pantry in her community as part of our #fullbellies program!

If you could meet your favorite book character, who would it be
and what would you talk about?

I was taking a walk in San Francisco when I saw a teenage girl with curly blonde hair and stormy gray eyes. She looked exactly like Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson book series I read. I ran up to her, and asked what her name was. "Annabeth. Annabeth Chase." she told me. So she really was Annabeth! 

Squealing with excitement, I danced around and jumped with delight. "Are you really a demigod?" | asked her, just to be sure. Annabeth looked startled. "How did you know?" she said, and her hand automatically went to the dagger hanging from her belt. "I read the Percy Jackson books. You know, the one with your boyfriend in it. And before you ask, no, I am not a monster. Though I know a ton about you. 


For instance, there's your cousin Magnus who also has his own books. He's in Hotel Valhalla, right? And your dad is obsessed with airplane and military stuff. Plus, you have two brothers..." | rambled on for about three minutes before I realized she was staring at me. "Oh. Sorry.” I apologized. "It's just so exciting to meet your favorite book character and you know everything about them.”. 


"And I know pretty much nothing about you. What's your name?" she asked. "Oops. I'm Ariana. Pleased to meet you.” I held out my hand. Annabeth shook it. "Can you show me around New Rome?” I asked. When she hesitated, I gave her my best puppy dog eyes that I usually save for extreme cases. (Though to be honest, those are my only puppy dog eyes.) "Please?" in my most cute, pleading baby voice. She sighed. "Okay.” 


| jumped up and down, excited to the point where I would explode if I was any more excited. "Where?” Annabeth laughed. "C'mon. I'll walk you there." Hopping happily the whole way, I followed Annabeth as she led me towards a tunnel, guarded by two people clad in armor. "Hazel and Frank, this is Ariana. She's a random girl I found who supposedly knows

everything about us because she read a book series.” 


| bounded up at the boy. "Hi, Frank! We ship Frazel! It's super cute." Annabeth cleared her throat. "Ahem. Can I show Ariana around New Rome?" "Okay, I guess." Hazel said. I bounded through the tunnel. Once we entered Camp Jupiter, Annabeth showed me around the place. We went to a cafe and ordered hot chocolate. I saved my drink for the walk. Sipping hot chocolate, I followed Annabeth to Temple Hill, where I checked out some of the buildings. 


We stayed a few minutes, but then I got a bit bored so we headed towards New Rome. It was beautiful. All the buildings had intricate designs and were far prettier than the other houses on my street. We walked around for hours, until finally I had to go back home. I'l never forget the day I met Annabeth Chase, my favorite character.

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